Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas fun! Because who has time to post about it till the new year anyway?

It has been a whole month since I posted!  Stage management of a particularly ornery show ate my life, didn't even have time to do half the stuff I would have liked to for the holidays!

I did manage to get a couple of neat things made.

My favorite is this neat felt star I made for my Wisconsin family's Christmas tree:

I found this really thick felt in the arts and crafts pile at my dad's house.  I found directions for folding a 5 pointed star, and used that to make the pattern.  I cut the 5 diamonds out of the felt, then whip-stitched them together with some pretty red thread.  It turned out so well!  Because the pieces didn't quite match up perfectly, it ended up being a little convex at the center, which gave it a nice three-demensional quality.  I was so happy with it!

I also made beaded star ornaments.  

They were pretty and simple:  seed beads or bugle beads strung on wire, the wire twisted into a hook at the top.  I used up some beads I have had around for a while.  They were a particular hit with the little boys I nanny (a 3 year old and twin 6 year olds. I give their family a set of whatever ornaments I make each year instead of toys.  Who needs more plastic junk!)  They immediately discovered a characteristic I did not realize my stars possessed:  they can be ... readjusted to be any shape you want them to be!  They loved that.

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