Monday, January 24, 2011

Leaf Hat: my first attempt at designing a knitting pattern!

I promised my cousin a hat for Christmas, and have not yet delivered on that promise.  But have no fear Zoë, I am working out the kinks in my design and you will have your hat!

This hat was inspired by a sweater worn often by my friend Mia.  The sweater has scalloped leaves along the bottom edge that I sort of fell in love with.  There was a hat pattern that I particularly liked, but wanted to make my own, so I decided to replace the ruffle on the side with hanging leaves.  I found a pattern for the scalloped leaf edge and used some graph paper and experimenting to flip the leaves around and put two side by side.  (I probably could have found a pattern for this with some more looking, but what fun would that be?)

I added stitches to the crown of the hat to make it a little more roomy, and this is the result!  
I think it turned out pretty well, even in the cheap yarn I used for this first attempt!  I am working on the next attempt in a textured yarn and will post pictures of the finished hat.

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