Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Finally, Phil and Lil pictures!

So I finally have pictures of the Rugrats costumes I made for my friend!   Here they are:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halloween... way over due!

It has taken me forever to post about my Halloween projects because I've been waiting for photos from Lil, which I have still not gotten.  So I am plowing on without them.

I pulled together two different costumes for myself, one for a dance 

(Frida in 20 minutes!)

and the other for my party at Doug and Jessie's.

(1970s soul backup singer using my aunt's dress that she made for going to parties in Nigeria in the 70s.)

The party was much fun!  Good folks, everyone had great costumes, and good food!
Jessie and I spent most of the day preparing.

I went a little overboard with the spiderwebs.  But I love the little black spiders I cut out of construction paper!

We had a lot of fun with the food.

Jessie and I collaborated on the "monster toes"- pizza dough with green olive toenails and parmesan cheese knuckle hair, and spicy marinara "blood" dipping sauce.  (Mazzaro's Italian Market rocks!

I froze rubber gloves filled with cranberry juice (if you try this, make sure they aren't powdered on the inside!)  and we made sangria with cheap wine from Doug's mom.  Hands in the punch!

The beautiful fall leaves were a surprise from Shannon, who had her mom send them down for my birthday!!  So sweet.

The spread!  Notice the neat pumpkin cake Jessie made on the far right?  And lots of beautiful dishes made by various ceramic artist friends.  I love pretty things made by friends!

Anyway, that was my Halloween fun.  I've been working on several fun projects, and trying to get things made for Tres Holizaar, the 3rd annual holiday hand-made market at The Studio@620 (, where I will be selling my stuff.  I am most excited about my first attempts at designing my own knitting pattern for a hat! I'll be posting about all that soon.