Friday, October 15, 2010

Funny, not entirely craft-related, story

I do not have anything interesting to share about my crafty-ness today, but am trying to keep the two posts a week goal, so instead I will tell you about a funny thing that happened to me today.  Please excuse the somewhat scatological nature of the story.  I will be so bold as to sugest that in a very small way it is related to crafts, as it involves craft materials.

My true loves are making things and working in the theater (behind, not on, the stage.)  Neither of those activities are supporting me at the moment, so by day I am a nanny.  

Today it was the Thursday Boys,  twin 6 year olds and a precocious three year old. (I originally took care of them on Thursdays and the name was catchy- boyfriend said it sounds like a christian rock band.  My family and friends now all refer to them as the Thursday boys, and have been entertained by numerous stories about them.)  

The twins had the day off from school, so we decided to go to the local children's museum.  As the boys ran around playing, I noticed the little one's pants were looking a little saggy.  He is completely potty trained, but with some trepidation I called him over and patted his bum to investigate.  Definitely something squishy, but not like the thing I had hoped I wouldn't find.  Confused, I took a peek.  Stuffed down the back of his underpants, the kid had a whole unraveled skein of green yarn.  I started laughing histerically in the middle of the museum.  His brothers wandered over to see what was going on, and one of them volunteered that he had put that there. Before we left the house, the boys had been in one of their potty humor moods, which seems to happen often with little boys.  I had walked into the living room to find them pretending that the laundry basket of clean cloths was a potty, and encouraging the little one to pretend to... use... it.  What I had missed was one of the twins shoving green yarn down his underpants to stand in as the excreted material.  When I put an end to the game, they all forgot about the yarn, and went to put on their shoes.  I love these little guys. 

I am now questioning the appropriateness of this story, but I got a pretty good laugh out of it, so I'll post it in the hopes that someone else may as well!

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